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Soothe 600: Optimal Transdermal CBD

Soothe 600: Optimal Transdermal CBD

April 09, 2019


Soothe 600: Optimal Transdermal CBD


Most topical phytocannabinoid products use cream or lotion as a base. Soothe 600 from Encore Life, on the other hand, infuses broad spectrum CBD plus a proprietary blend of essential oils, emulsifiers, and enhancers into a transdermal liposomal pharmaceutical base. The difference has profound implications for delivery, absorption, and effectiveness.


Limitations of Topical CBD

Transdermal distribution of active ingredients is significantly impaired by the stratum corneum (the outer most layer of the skin composed of dead cells). The stratum corneum is particularly effective against hydrophilic compounds (water favorable), but less so against lipophilic ones (oil favorable) [1]. Most lotions and creams are water-based moisturizers that aim to trap water in the stratum corneum, alleviating dry, flaky skin.

 Typical topical applications are generally considered effective since CBD itself is inherently lipophilic. But such products are limited, requiring liberal application to facilitate transference through pores. They suffer relatively low permeability and a slow rate of absorption. CBD is derailed before spreading to the aqueous dermis. As such, it is incapable of reaching the deepest skin layers and beyond [2].


The Power of Soothe 600

Soothe 600 innovates with liposome technology. Liposomes are nano-sized vesicles with lipid bilayers that entrap aqueous, polar solutions [1,3-4].

 Active compounds can be integrated into liposomes within the aqueous interior, the core (hydrophobic), or the water-lipid interface. Liposomes penetrate skin all the way through the epidermis and dermis, and depending on liposomal weight and flexibility, stay in the skin or deliver active ingredients directly into systemic circulation [5].

 Colloidal dispersions as such are considered beneficial for the transdermal treatment of various conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis [6]. They are also optimal carriers for transdermal broad spectrum CBD.



Soothe 600 from Encore Life offers a pharmaceutical-grade liposomal base to ensure profound skin penetration and lasting relief. The absorption is rapid and comprehensive compared to other creams and lotions. The proprietary blend of menthol, aloe, peppermint, and essential oils facilitates immediate cooling while liposomes insert broad spectrum CBD deep into the targeted area.



How to Use Soothe 600

One to two pumps of Soothe 600 can be applied two to four times per day as needed. Each pump contains 10 milligrams of CBD (THC free). This product is ideal for specific areas of the body that require relief since transdermal application affords localization. It is pharmaceutical grade and should only be used as directed by a practitioner. 


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