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The Encore

Sharing a passion for innovation, wellness, and a superior customer experience.

The Wild West

After the 2018 Farm Bill passed, the market was suddenly flooded with hundreds of CBD brands looking to capitalize on a new booming industry. This highly unregulated industry quickly became like the Wild West, with so many options and a lack of clarity, consumer confusion is understandably at an all-time high. 

Sticking to Our Roots

Finding quality CBD products shouldn’t be confusing – but how do you identify a truly authentic company in the masses? This is a level of responsibility we refuse to take lightly. With 8+ decades of pharmaceutical experience, we are hard-wired to err on the side of a strict quality process. We carefully evaluate any existing regulations, and where they may be lacking, we default to the more stringent regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. After all, we’d never sell you a product that we’re not comfortable taking ourselves.

Our Quality

Selecting a Quality CBD Product

The surge in public interest has led to a flood of mislabeled and inconsistent products in a highly unregulated industry. As the regulatory bodies struggle to establish guidelines for the production and labeling of CBD products, it is vital that consumers obtain their product from a trustworthy source such as their healthcare provider.

Our innovative, professional-grade products are available through your healthcare practitioners or our website. By promoting the practitioner / patient relationship, we promote a wellness regimen designed to optimize your healthcare experience.